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Red Guitar Old Vine Tempranillo Garnacha

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Red Guitar Old Vine Tempranillo Garnacha 2008
Navarra, Spain

This Spanish blend (52% Tempranillo, 48% Grenache) is harmonious and complex, with flavors that strike deep and long. Purple-red in color; rich, ripe scent of blackberries and spice; boysenberry on the tip of the tongue with oak and pepper in the middle. The finish has a bitter, mineral character that might be a bit off-putting for some, but also adds a welcome touch of spunk. $9 from Vons.

7 Deadly Zins 2007

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7 Deadly Zins 2007Lodi Appellation
Zinfandel 2007
Old Vine

This wine is not particularly envious, greedy, slothful, lustful, enraged, vain or gluttonous. But it IS made from grapes that come from seven different growers in the Lodi region. A dirty little whore of a wine, dry and spicy from the get-go; almost medicinal, actually. Loads of allspice and cardamon balance out that cough syrup-esque tinge. Not particularly fruity, which is surprising for a zin. There’s a nice blackberry character in the middle, which quickly gives way to a tobacco edge and a smoky finish that wisps away like the one that got away…leaving your tongue waiting for more. With that deep-scarlet color, the lady is a tramp.

wine.com: Seven Deadly Zins 2008