Cocobon Red Table Wine

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Cocobon 2009


Livermore??? Yes. And it’s good, too! “Blended to take you to Nirvana!” claims winemaker Georgetta Dane, and I’m with her. I love a complex wine, and this one is seriously layered: starts out kind of light and minerally, then gives you some boysenberry and pomegranate, pepper at the end and mocha in the finish. A friend was picking up aromas of Dr. Pepper and prunes. An odd little wine that is just delicious and just $8 at Trader Joe’s, bless ’em. Stock up!

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  1. Brandy
    Posted June 25, 2012 at 6:02 pm | Permalink

    Cocobon is my favorite wine… I usually buy by the case. However, in the last several weeks something has happened. I’ve taken back no less than 6 bottles, all bad, as I believe that something is happening in transit, most likely excessive heat, that has caused the wine to turn. As an experiment, the last two bottles I took back, I replaced with one bottle of Cocobon and one of the Trader Joe’s Mgmt recommendations, Menage a trois ( $1 more), and both were also turned bad. I can’t reach any other conclusion but that there is a lack of attention to protecting the wine from excessive heat in transit, wharehousing, or whatever. A deaf ear was all I received for my comments. Please, I do love my Cocobon, purchase a bottle currently up for sale at you local Trader Joe’s and see if you have the same result. I would appreciate any response you give. Today is Monday, June 25th 2012. Thanks.
    K. Brandy Mittleider

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