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Enlace 2008 Cabernet

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Enlace 2008Napa Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon

Take a deep sniff, and you’ll be thinking turkey dinner at the Bradys. Cranberry sauce is the front runner here–and I don’t mean the homemade stuff. Think Grandma opening a can and sliding the gelatinous form onto the Princess House crystal serving boat.

Which totally belies every other characteristic of this luscious and refined wine. Yes, it’s lighter bodied compared to most Cabs, but Enlace has *so* much going on! Sophisticated, cultured, a touch courtly, maybe–don’t even *think* “big and jammy.” That deep, inky red color seems practically medieval, like papal vestments or royal robes. Surrender to the fruit-forward boysenberries; savor the dark chocolate and clove; let your tongue be seduced by the smooth tannins and leather; embrace the long, elegant finish. Enlace demands to be taken seriously.

7 Deadly Zins 2007

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7 Deadly Zins 2007Lodi Appellation
Zinfandel 2007
Old Vine

This wine is not particularly envious, greedy, slothful, lustful, enraged, vain or gluttonous. But it IS made from grapes that come from seven different growers in the Lodi region. A dirty little whore of a wine, dry and spicy from the get-go; almost medicinal, actually. Loads of allspice and cardamon balance out that cough syrup-esque tinge. Not particularly fruity, which is surprising for a zin. There’s a nice blackberry character in the middle, which quickly gives way to a tobacco edge and a smoky finish that wisps away like the one that got away…leaving your tongue waiting for more. With that deep-scarlet color, the lady is a tramp. Seven Deadly Zins 2008

Snap Dragon Riesling

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A cheerful little wine from the happiest place on Earth!

So Hubs and I took the wolflings to Disneyland recently, and decided to explore California Adventure. Partly because we had never spent much time there on previous trips (Pirates of the Caribbean vs. Bug’s Life–no brainer) and largely because it’s the park that serves alcohol. Oh, California!

After an ill-advised late start and numerous temper tantrums courtesy of Infant Terrible #1, we were desperate for a drink, which is how we found ourselves at Golden Vine Cellar. We *were* at a theme park, so expectations weren’t high. However, there was shade…table service…and a sizable wine list. As long as there was something better than Boone’s Farm, Dean and I agreed we’d be content.

We were pleasantly surprised by our knowledgeable waiter and this fruity charmer he recommended. Now, interested readers should take note that this “dry” Riesling is still pretty sweet; much sweeter than I’d expect even from an off-dry wine. But it was perfect for a hot September day, with its sunny yellow color and flowery melon bouquet. A mouthful of apples is tempered by honey notes, and a hint of grapefruit keeps it from being cloying. The honeysuckle finish lingers forever. I relished every sip.